Shout out to Ellie’s relative who fires a gun in church 

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“The truth. It is a b e a u t i f u l and t e r r i b l e thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.”

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View from the McWay Falls Trail, Big Sur
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Prague - Czech Republic (von J. A. Alcaide)

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Should I say something about the richness of the fact that it was Hulk who scored against Benfica? (Whoops too late. Heh heh)

he has silicon in his buttocks and i generally hate him so woohoo

lol i hate champions league

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guess whose teams lost first two goals in the cl group stage

lol mine

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iamlestat ha risposto al tuo post “i’m officially on the 3rd year of my studies”

mówiłam, że zdasz! brawo, brawo <3

oj no wiem że mówiłaś ale to nie jest takie proste jak się ma widmo zapłaty 780 zł na konto uczelni ;) dzięki <333

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Neuschwanstein by Sebastian Fransson
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