tell me it’s a joke with these 81 millions for james

mesutsergio said: im glad you’re okay :*

glad to see you as well :*

fantas1sta said: Also, I just heard about the MH17 shooting and that is revolting.

it is. i heard there was a canadian as well :(

fantas1sta ha risposto al tuo post“hey, i just wanted to say i came back and i’m fine :) i don’t have my…”
*gives sympathetic cookie*
thanks <3

wrathofkamalakhan said: I wish you all the best. As someone who has failed many exams in the past (sadly) I know that feel bro. I know you can recover from it too. Take care and as long as you avoid Ukrainian air space, you’ll be fine.

yeah, i failed one as well last year so unfortunately i know this feeling too. it’s always like this, the last exam and boom. how ironic is that, it’s public international law actually.

now probably everyone avoids them. but you know, it breaks me because actually they are our neighbour. they are close to us. it’s all happening close to us. this plane was flying over my country, maybe the same way over the western part as we did few hours later. it’s so terrible.

hey, i just wanted to say i came back and i’m fine :) i don’t have my computer now so i won’t be here for a few days as well. i failed my last exam… yeah, life but generally don’t worry, my spam will be here in a couple of days i guess :) anyway i hope you’re all fine, i was just going to take my baggage from the airport when i heard about MH17, i’m so terrified, i was in the air space the same time when it happened. i don’t even know what to say. it’s all disgusting. stay well guys and see you soon

i won’t be here until at least next week, have fun guys!


Blyde River Canyon, South Africa | Leon Jacob